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Preparation of facility


The desks and chairs belonging to each facility will be laid out by EPOCHAL at the start of facility use (except for the Multipurpose Hall).

*Changes in layout needed during use are to be undertaken by the users. If the users require EPOCHAL to change the layout, an extra fee will be incurred.

*The facility need not be restored to its original state after use.


Location facility and equipment

If electrical equipment is brought into the facility, the users will be charged an additional fee of 230 yen per kilowatt for one unit.

*EPOCHAL must be informed about any equipment that the users plan to bring into the facility. The control or handling of location facilities and equipment is the responsibility of the users (except for control room equipment).

*An additional fee will be charged if users require EPOCHAL to control or handle the equipment.


Carrying in and out

  • The schedule for carrying materials in and out is to the responsibility of EPOCHAL.
  • The floor should be protected against damage by carrying materials.
  • The specified entrance should be used for carrying materials in and out when using a trolley or carrying heavy materials

Delivery Management

EPOCHAL must be informed if materials are to be delivered before the actual day of use. It may be the case that the users will need to rent other facilities for storage.


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