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Actual day of use

Check in and out

  • First visit the administrative office with the Approval for Use. The person in charge will take the users to the facilities, and unlock the doors.
  • After use, please contact the administrative office by dialing extension number or by visiting the office. The person in charge will come and check the facilities.

Time of use

The time of use includes the time for preparation, cleaning, and exit. If the users require extra time for preparation or cleaning etc, an extended time fee will be charged.

* Confirm the time necessary for the above, and inform us in advance.



The facilities cannot be contacted by telephone from outside. Public address announcements are also unavailable.

* If a dial-in service is required, please ask in advance.
The users will be informed of the telephone number before the day of use.


Charges will be made after use for telephone calls to numbers outside the facilities.


Eating, drinking, and smoking

Eating, drinking, and smoking are only allowed in designated areas.

* Eating and drinking in the Main and Medium Halls is forbidden.


Please contact us in advance about the foods and beverages that will be served to the participants.


After use

Users should remove everything they brought into the facilities after use. Cleaning and removing garbage etc. are also the responsibility of the users.


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