2-20-3 Takezono, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 305-0032
TEL:029-861-0001 FAX:029-861-1209 office★epochal.or.jp(Please replace “★” with “@” in the email.)

Inquiries to Epochal Tsukuba(International Congress Center) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Access and Others

Location: 2-20-3 Takezono, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture (how to access)

Location of Tsukuba CityLocation of Tsukuba City  

Tsukuba Express: Tsukuba Station
Joban Line: Tsuchiura Station (for Mito) or Hitachinoushiku Station (for Tokyo)

Tsukuba Express: About 10 minutes walk from Tsukuba Station.
About 25 minutes by car from Tsuchiura Station and Hitachinoushiku Station on the Joban Line.

Take the escalators at Exit A3 of Tsukuba Station, follow the bus roundabout, go up the stairs in front, and walk straight for about 800 meters.
(how to access)

Neighborhood map

For the Joban Expressway (access method): Get off at Sakurachiura I.C.

On the Ken-O Expressway(access method): Get off at Tsukuba Central IC or Tsukuba Ushiku IC.

Wide area mapWide area map

There is a charge for parking. (Nearby parking lot information)

Tsukuba International Convention Center Neighborhood Parking Information

Contact information for taxi companies near Tsukuba and Tsuchiura is available. Please contact us if you need it.

There is a restaurant Espoir in the building.
Please refer to the “Tsukuba Station Area Gourmet Map” for restaurants around the area. (The external link will open.)

Reservation and Use

It is available.

It can be held.

It is possible depending on availability. Please contact us as shooting may not be possible due to other usage conditions.

It depends on the type of meeting.

The facility usage fee will be charged in several times depending on the time of reservation.
(If you booked just before use, it will be bundled.) You will have to pay for the issued request.

Free. After making a reservation, please apply using the prescribed form, or enter it yourself on My Page (registration of organizer information)from this site.

In some cases, you may be able to do so, but in addition to facility usage fees, overtime management fees will be charged. Please contact us.

Meeting desks and chairs (excluding multi-purpose hall) matching each venue, reception desk and chairs, air-conditioning fee for reserved time, large hall and middle hall 300 include waiting room usage fee. Other equipment will be charged equipment as shown in the price list.

It is a charge for each one of morning, afternoon and night.

You can bring it in. (There are exceptions such as wireless microphones)
Equipment that uses a power source will be charged for power usage. (A separate notification form is required)

Please refrain from projecting onto the wall as it will fade. You can borrow a screen or bring your own.

You can not paste the posted matter on the wall. Please use the rental equipment display stand or bring your own.
Please use the rental equipment display stand or bring your own.

Yes we can, but installation and removal costs are incurred.

There is a charge, but it is possible. Please contact us for the price.

There is no personal computer or fax rental.
Copies and faxes are available in the administration office (see the first floor of the Tsukuba International Conference Center Floor Guide below) in the administration office.
A personal computer for printing is installed in the management office. Printing is available for a fee.


There is a wireless LAN environment in the hall, conference rooms and various halls. * Prior application is required for use.

Smoking is prohibited in the building. We have a smoking area outside the building.

Tsukuba International Conference Center Floor GuidePlease refer to the 1st floor.

Located on the 1st floor.

We are introducing a trader.

Is possible. When sending it, please specify the following details and arrange for it to arrive on the day before the event or on the preparation day. After the event, we will only accept cash on delivery. [Items to be described] Event name, facility name, recipient and contact information

*Please be sure to carry the items yourself from the storage location to the venue.
*Please note that the storage location cannot be locked.

There is a toilet for wheelchairs and a diaper changing table on each floor of the conference room building. The hall building has a toilet for wheelchairs on the 2nd floor (1st floor).

It is possible that either the event organizer or the facility will be holding the items. Please contact both.

There is.

Located on the 1st and 3rd floors of the conference room building.

Food and Beverage

Catering is possible from the on-site restaurant Espoir. Please contact us.

In principle, you cannot eat or drink in the large hall, middle hall 200, and middle hall 300.
(There are special exceptions such as measures against heat stroke in the summer) There is a multi-purpose hall and conference room where you can eat and drink.

Yes, but it depends on the weather on the day.

You can bring your own food, but there are restrictions on eating and drinking places, so please contact us in advance.
If you request the restaurant “Espoir”, we will not only provide food and drink but also dispose of the generated garbage free of charge.

You can use the service except on the 1st floor, but we may decline it depending on the work contents. Please contact us in advance.


You can do it, but it may not be possible to visit depending on the availability, so please contact us in advance.

About 31 international conferences are held annually. (* Exhibit 2018 JNTO International Conference total)