2-20-3 Takezono, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 305-0032
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Message from the director and facilityies outline

About Tsukuba International Congress Center


Tsukuba is a world-class science city where nearly 20,000 researchers at a total of nearly 300 public and private research organizations engage in scientific research and technological development. Tsukuba International Congress Center serves as a core facility for research exchanges in Tsukuba Science City.

It goes without saying that for scientific progress to occur, dynamic study exchanges to arouse creativity and the imagination of researchers are indispensable: The contribution of this Congress Center to research exchanges is demonstrated by the nearly 4.5 million people who have visited the Center since its opening in June 1999.

The conference rooms, equipped with facilities of international standard, provide the perfect environment for holding a wide range of events and meetings besides international conferences, and the bright, airy and pleasant spaces of the Center are highly conducive to discussions which will result in the birth of new ideas and the exchange of edifying information.

Science is the systematization of knowledge to elucidate the natural rules of the natural world, whereas technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially for the benefit of society and enterprise and the advancement of medicine. Science and Technology are thus the driving force behind the maintenance and development of modern civilization.Progress in science has spawned a variety of new technologies that contribute to our modern life, including industrial and economic development and the improvement of health and medical care, the maintenance of infrastructure, the remedying of environmental problems, and the prevention and mitigation of natural and social disasters. Sometimes you will encounter unexpected surprises in basic research. If a revolutionary technology based on your breakthrough knowledge is developed and put to practical use so that technical innovation is realized, significant economic effects may ensue.

Leo Esaki, Director (Nobel laureate in Physics, 1973)

◎ Facilities outline of Tsukuba International Congress Center

Name Epochal Tsukuba
Installation etc. Ibaraki Prefecture and Japan Science and Technology Agency
Location 2-20-3 Takezono, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki 305-0032, Japan
Total floor area About 23,000 m²
Structure Steel frame reinforced concrete construction 4 stories above ground
Facilities composition 19 meeting rooms(23 rooms by dividing use) including a large hall that can accommodate 1,258 people
Opening June 1, 1999
Operating group
(Designated administrator)
Tsukuba International Congress Center
Representative organization: Ibaraki Science and Technology Foundation [General Affairs/Business]
JTB Co., Ltd. [Sales/Public Relations]
Clef Co., Ltd.[AV設備]
Senon Co., Ltd. [Security Management]
Takahashi Kogyo Co., Ltd. [equipment management]
Tsukuba Essa Co., Ltd. [equipment business]
Tesco Co., Ltd. [Cleaning and planting]

History of Epochal Tsukuba

Year Matter
(Heisei 8)
Tsukuba International Congress Center construction started
(Heisei 10)
Revised construction plan for Tsukuba Science City Research District
<Development of Tsukuba International Convention Center and development of various convention support functions such as international hotels>
Nickname “Epocal Tsukuba” and its logo was settled
(Heisei 11)
Building construction completed
June 1st Conference hall opening
(Heisei 12)
His Majesties the Emperor and Empress (at that time) visited the International Conference on Acid Rain
Established Tsukuba Science Academy
According to the 2000 facility statistics (JNTO), the number of international conferences held (64) was the third largest in Japan after the Keidanren Kaikan and the University of Tokyo, and the first largest in international conference hall facilities.
(Heisei 15)
His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and Princess (at that time) visited the 16th Asian Conference on Intellectual Disabilities
Her Imperial Highnesses Princess and Princess Akishino (at that time) visited the 6th Asian Design International Conference
(Heisei 17)
Akishino palace (at that time) visited the Japan Veterinary Medical Association/Japan Veterinary Science Society Joint Convention
(Heisei 18)
Tsukuba International Congress Center will become the designated administrator (from April 1)
(Heisei 21)
10th anniversary of the opening of the conference hall
His Imperial Highnesses Princess and Princess Akishino (at that time) visited the 20th International Biology Olympics
2009 Majesties the Emperor and Empress (at that time) visited the Asia Science Camp
(Heisei 22)
Tsukuba Science Academy 10th anniversary
His Majesties the Emperor and Empress (at that time) visited the 21st IUPAC International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics
Held the first “Tsukuba Science Egde” as a business sponsored by the conference hall, and every year thereafter
Held the first “Tsukuba Science Casting Workshop”, and every year thereafter
(Heisei 23)
Temporarily closed due to the Great East Japan Earthquake
We accept approximately 200 refugees from Fukushima Prefecture due to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear Power Plant accident
Reopened in April
(Heisei 28)
Held G7 Ibaraki Tsukuba Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology
(Heisei 30)
Held the 30th International Information Olympics
His Imperial Highnesses, Princess and Princess Akishino(at that time), visited the 17th World Lake Conference
(Reiwa 1)
20th anniversary of the opening of the conference hall
Held G20 Ibaraki Tsukuba Ministerial Meeting on Trade and Digital Economy
Tsukuba Conference 2019

Tsukuba City Events

Year Matter
(Showa 38)
It was decided to construct a Tsukuba Science City as a national project.
(Showa 55)
Relocation of 43 research and education institutions completed
(Showa 60)
International Science and Technology Expo held (20 million visitors)
(Showa 62)
Birth of Tsukuba City (merged by 4 municipalities)
(Showa 63)
Merged with Tsukuba Town
(Heisei 9)
Established Tsuchiura/Tsukuba Convention Bureau
(Heisei 11)
Certified as an international conference tourist city (Tsukuba City, Tsuchiura City, Kukizaki Town)
Hotel Daiichi Open
Name changed to “Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Epochal” from 2001
(Heisei 14)
Merged with Kukizaki Town
(Heisei 17)
Tsukuba Express opened
(Heisei 23)
Tsukuba City designated as an International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone
(Heisei 25)
Tsukuba Science City 50th anniversary of Cabinet decision
(Heisei 29)
Opening of all lines in the KEN-O EXPRESSWAY(Sakai Furukawa IC-Tsukuba Central IC)
(Heisei 30)
30th anniversary of Tsukuba municipal organization