2-20-3 Takezono, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 305-0032
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Leo Esaki Main Hall

Seats 1,258 seats (1st floor 900 seats, 2nd floor 358 seats)
Up to 450 seats when using only the 1st floor seats in the school type
Waiting room 3 rooms H101(27m2)
Area 1,465m2 (1階席 1,085m2
Ceiling height 2.5m to 11m
Stage Width 18.6m~23.1m
Depth 5m~6.9m
Electric power capacity 220 A (normal)
,50A (reserve )

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■Leo Esaki Main Hall/Meaningful time and space enabled by spaciousness and functionality

The main hall, which can accommodate a wide range of uses such as major international conferences, lecture presentations, and seminars, can hold up to 1,258 people. The hall also has state-of-the-art-equipment and service such as 400-inch projector and simultaneous interpretation in up to 6 languages. The comfortable seating and relaxing layout helps provide a high-quality convention environment that is befitting an international city like Tsukuba.

In addition, the 900 seats on the first floor can be used as a desk by tilting the backrest every other row.(Used for 450 seats)


■ Facility qoutation for exmple

Leo Esaki Main Hall


■ Layout

Leo Esaki Main Hall Lobby layout

Leo Esaki Main Hall stage layout

Leo Esaki Main Hall Lobby layout example Leo Esaki Main Hall stage layout exsample
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Number of people

1000 people or more, 500 to 1000 people scale