2-20-3 Takezono, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 305-0032
TEL:029-861-0001 FAX:029-861-1209 office★epochal.or.jp(Please replace “★” with “@” in the email.)

Location of Tsukuba City

Access route

* Narita Airport BusStop Guide Map

[First Passenger Terminal] [Second Passenger Terminal] [Third Passenger Terminal]

*If you come by car, please see here (wide area map).

*Reservation is required for the bus from Tsukuba to Narita.

Free transfer service between Ibaraki Airport and Tsukuba International Convention Center

At Tsukuba International Congress Center, we provide a free transfer service between Ibaraki Airport and Tsukuba International Congress Center for customers who use it via Ibaraki Airport and those who attend events held at Tsukuba International Congress Center.

Please contact us for details.

*The organizer must contact us 10 days in advance.

【contact information】

Tsukuba International Congress Center Telephone 029-861-0001 To Sales Department

*If you come by car, please see the wide area map.

*Approximately 15 minutes from Sakuraduchiura IC or Tsukuba Ushiku IC.

Surrounding map and parking lot

Take Tsukuba Station Exit A3, go right along the bus roundabout, go up the stairs, and walk straight for about 800m.
Click here for accurate parking information for South 2, South 3, and South 4 parking lots
Please do not park at the Research Exchange Center or nearby stores.

Tsukuba International Congress Center near Photos

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