2-20-3 Takezono, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 305-0032
TEL:029-861-0001 FAX:029-861-1209 office★epochal.or.jp(Please replace “★” with “@” in the email.)

Reception start date

Usage form Reception start date
International conference using the large and medium halls At any time
International conference using multipurpose hall and conference room From the day two years before the use start date
Meetings using the large hall and medium hall
In cases other than the above From the day one year before the use start date

*As a general rule, please make an application 7 days before the start date of use.

Usage category

Usage category Time zone Usage category Time zone
Before noon 9:00 to 12:00 Morning Afternoon 9:00 to 17:00
After noon 13:00 to 17:00 Afternoon/Night 13:00 to 21:00
Night 18:00 to 21:00 All day 9:00 to 21:00

*Please prepare, set up, store, and clean up the venue within the use time. *Please contact us in advance for any usage beyond the above usage categories.

2. Submission of application form

After contacting us, we will send you a usage application form. Please fill in the representative’s name and details of use in the application form, stamp it or sign it, attach the materials related to the event, and submit the application form immediately.

How to apply

Please bring it by fax, e-mail or mail.

Application destination

Tsukuba Epochal Sales Section (Tsukuba International Congress Center Administration Office)

3. Issuance of usage authorization

After examining the application contents, we will issue a usage approval form.

Please keep this in a safe place as it will be the official application.

4. Payment of usage fee

Facility usage charges (room charges) are paid in advance, and the payment deadlines and amounts are shown in the table below. Please pay by cash or wire transfer by the payment deadline indicated on the invoice. Please note that we may cancel the usage authorization if payment of the usage fee is not confirmed by the designated date.

Due date for payment Payment amount
1 year before use date 10% of facility usage fee
Up to 3 months before use 50% of facility usage fee (including previous billing))
Up to 1 month before use Full facility usage fee (including previous billing)

* For cash, bring it to the conference hall administration office and pay.

* In case of transfer, the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

*If canceled, the usage fee paid cannot be refunded. In addition, please note that you will be charged the amount already charged.

5. Change/Cancel usage details

If there are any changes or cancellations in the usage details, please contact us immediately.

Change procedure

If you want to change the usage contents after issuing the usage approval, please submit a change approval application. After reviewing the application contents, we will issue a usage change approval form.

Refund of usage fee

The usage fee you paid will not be refunded. You will also be required to pay the amount charged. However, we may return all or part of the usage fee you paid when we are unable to use it due to the reason that we cannot blame you, or when the Governor of Ibaraki Prefecture specifically acknowledges it.

6. Meeting of usage contents

We will discuss about the layout of the venue and the attached equipment about two months before the start date. Please contact us in advance if you would like to preview or meet at the venue.

meeting content
・Outline and schedule of implementation
・Venue layout, presence of reception
・Use of attached equipment, presence or absence of carry-on equipment
・Luggage loading/unloading plan
・Eating, drinking, catering

7. Venue preparation


The layout of desks, chairs, etc. installed in the conference room will be borne by the conference room only at the start of the conference. (Excluding multipurpose hall waiting room 101 and waiting room 201.)

*Customers should change the layout on the way. A separate fee will be charged if the conference is held at the conference site.

Attached equipment/equipment

If you bring in electrical equipment, you will be charged a fee per 1kw per category.

*Please let us know at the time of the meeting about the contents of equipment and equipment brought in.
*Please refrain from bringing in a wireless microphone.
* As a general rule, the customer should operate the attached equipment and devices. (Excluding the adjustment room and some equipment.)
*If you wish to operate at the conference site, you will be charged separately.

Loading and unloading

◎ We may adjust the loading/unloading schedule.
◎ If there is a risk of damaging the floor, please cure it.
◎When using a dolly, etc., or when loading or unloading heavy items, please use the dedicated entrance.

Delivery management

If you want to ship your luggage to the venue in advance, please be sure to check with the event staff. Depending on the size and number of your luggage, you may need to rent a venue to store it.

8. On the day of use

Check in/out

◎ On the day of use, please bring the “use approval form” and come to the administration office in advance.
It will be unlocked when it is time.

◎ After use, please contact the administration office by extension telephone of the conference room or come to the administration office
The event staff will visit and confirm the venue.

Strict adherence to usage time

◎The usage time includes the time from preparation to exit. If you wish to use a time other than the designated usage time for setting up or removing the venue, we will charge an extension fee.

*Please contact us in advance after confirming the time required for preparation and removal.

Strict admission capacity

◎Please do not exceed the capacity of the venue.

Telephone handling

◎ No external calls can be made to the venue. In addition, please note that you cannot call using the broadcasting facilities.

* Please use the dial-in (telephone number added) service in advance. You can find the telephone number of the day of use at the meeting stage.

◎ Call charges outside the conference hall will be settled after the facility is used. Recipient-paid calls are not available.

Eating, drinking and smoking

◎Please eat, drink and smoke at the designated place.

* In principle, eating and drinking in the large and medium halls is prohibited.

◎Please contact us in advance regarding the provision of food and drink to participants such as meetings.

After use

◎ Please be sure to carry out and clean the garbage, etc. generated by the use at your own expense.

*If you wish to dispose of garbage, we will accept it at actual cost. Please consult the event staff.

9. Payment

Charges for attached equipment and other charges will be paid after use. Please pay by cash or bank transfer by the payment deadline indicated on the invoice.

* For cash, please pay at the administration office.
* In case of transfer, the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.