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Usage fees for various operations in the hall

Please note

Lighting equipment

  • If the lighting operation is simple, the organizer can operate it from the control console on the stage, but lighting staff may be required depending on the usage.
  • Lighting staff is required to use Follow Spotlights.

Audio equipment

  • When using the large hall, one acoustic staff will be provided (free of charge).
    (A separate usage fee will be charged for recording operations.)
  • In the middle hall, the organizer will operate the simple console on the stage, but depending on the usage contents, acoustic staff may be required.
  • The recording will be operated by the organizer on the simple console. Recording operations by the sound staff are limited to the large and medium halls.
  • Sound staff is required to use the simultaneous interpretation facility.
    (The interpreter will be arranged by the organizer.)

Video equipment

  • Depending on the content of use, video staff may be required.
  • Recording staff requires video staff. Recording facilities are located in the large and medium halls.
  • The consumption tax for usage fees for various operations is included in the tax.
  • For details, please contact the person in charge.
  • The contents of this price list are subject to change without notice.
ItemName Unit Unitprice Remarks
Lighting/Video/Sound staff 33,000 per person Within 2 consecutive categories of rental category (am, pm and night) *Includes 1 hour break
Lighting/video/sound staff extension 1 hour 5,500 Other than the above
Recording operation by staff 1 division 4,400 Bring in SD card or USB memory.
Dubbing of recorded data 1 hour 3,300 DVD charge included (DVD will be handed at a later date.)