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Videos about Tsukuba


Mt. Tsukuba

Mt.Tsukuba is one of the most popular tourist spots in Ibaraki Prefecture.Located within the Suigo-Tsukuba Quasi-National Park, it is known as one of the 100 most cherished mountains in Japan. The summit provides an excellent spot for enjoying a panoramic view of Lake Kasumigaura and the Kanto Plain, and sometimes one can even see Mt.Fuji in the far distance. There is also a highly alkali natural hot spring that is said to be good for keeping skin beautiful.






Lake Kasumigaura

Kasumigaura is the second-largest freshwater lake in Japan. Many famouse products are made from the local fish, include tsukudani, a food consisting of lake smelt boiled in soy sauce. Every summer, the lake is dotted with sightseeing boats whose huge white sails billowing in the wind give the lake a unique character.






Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition

Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition has a long history and been continued since 1925 (Taisho 14). It is a historical event. Many “Hanabi-shi,” who are the professionals for making and designing fireworks, gather Tsuchiura from whole of Japan, and compete their techniques, arts, beauties, and creativities of their own fireworks every year. It is also one of the biggest Fireworks competition in Japan.






Tsukuba Tree Peony Garden

Tsukuba Tree Peony Garden has a 60,000 square meters wide garden for big and beautiful peony flowers. There are 530 kinds and 9,000 numbers of tree peony flowers, 215kinds and 5,000 numbers of peony flowers, and 50 kinds and 350 numbers of roses fascinate us. The flowers can be seen on April to July. There are also many seasonally flowers such shakunage, kalmia, hydrangea, and etc.




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