Leo Esaki Main Convention Hall

The main convention hall, which can accommodate a wide variety of uses such as major international conferences, lecture presentations, and seminars, can hold up to 1,258 people. The hall also has state-of-the-art equipment and services such as a 400-inch projector and simultaneous interpretation in up to 6 languages. The comfortable seating and relaxing layout helps provide a high-quality convention environment that is befitting an international city like Tsukuba.


The corridor that leads to the main convention hall with a full of openness that is created by the light from all glass windows. The space in front of the hall provides a wonderful time for conversation.

The back of the seat in front of you can be folded over to form a table on the first floor. The main hall can be used in proper ways to fit the scale and type of convention.


The anteroom provides an attractive, relaxing space for users of the main hall. This room is perfect for the meeting just before the convention.

Outline of Facilities

Seating capacity 1,258 seats (900 seats on 1st floor, 358 seats on 2nd floor) when half of 1st floor seats are set up as tables, max 450 seats on 1st floor.
Floor area 1,465m2 (1st floor area:1,085m2)
Waiting room 3 rooms
H101(27m2), H102(26m2) and H103(25m2)
Ceiling height 2.5m to 11m
Stage Width: 18.6m to 23.1m
Depth: 5m to 6.9m
Electric power capacity220A(normal), 50A(reserve)

Main support facilities

  • Video equipment: High-brightness/high-difinition projector, PC switching and Lighting scene switching desk
  • Large screen: 400-inch High-Vision screen (front screen:W8.8m×H4.9m) / Automatic screens (1 left and 1 right screen:W2.8mxH2.8m)
  • Translation facilities for 6-language simultaneous translation
  • Discussion unit(Participants: 20chairmen)
  • LAN equipment
  • Camera image-recording system
  • Sound and dimming equipment
  • Extra telephone lines
  • 2 Hanging bars (15m)
  • Grand piano (Steinway & sons D-274)
  • Audio reflection panels
  • CATV broadcast reception (Digital terrestrial broadcasting available)

Use case

G7 Science and Technology Ministers’ Meeting in Tsukuba,Ibaraki
Tsukuba Conference
メインホール前スペース 立食


Main Hall Lobby layout example

メインホール ロビー

Main Hall Lobby layout example

Main Hall stage layout example

メインホール ステージ

Main Hall stage layout example

Facility usage fee

Main Hall 1st floor only

for non-profit
time zoneWeekdaySaturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Morning Afternoon9:00〜12:0082,970 yen99,630 yen
Afternoon Night13:00〜17:00110,730 yen132,840 yen
Night18:00〜21:00124,560 yen149,500 yen
Morning Afternoon・Afternoon Night9:00〜17:00155,050 yen186,050 yen
Afternoon Night・Night13:00〜21:00188,150 yen225,760 yen
Full day9:00〜21:00254,570 yen305,480 yen
Others1 hour per41,480 yen49,760 yen
for profit
time zoneWeekdaySaturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Morning Afternoon9:00〜12:00124,450 yen149,390 yen
Afternoon Night13:00〜17:00166,050 yen199,250 yen
Night18:00〜21:00186,790 yen224,190 yen
Morning Afternoon・Afternoon Night9:00〜17:00232,570 yen279,080 yen
Afternoon Night・Night13:00〜21:00282,230 yen338,590 yen
Full day9:00〜21:00381,850 yen458,230 yen
Others1 hour per62,230 yen74,700 yen

The entire

for non-profit
time zoneWeekdaySaturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Morning Afternoon9:00〜12:00118,590 yen142,270 yen
Afternoon Night13:00〜17:00158,190 yen189,830 yen
Night18:00〜21:00177,880 yen213,500 yen
Morning Afternoon・Afternoon Night9:00〜17:00221,470 yen265,780 yen
Afternoon Night・Night13:00〜21:00268,820 yen322,560 yen
Full day9:00〜21:00363,730 yen436,440 yen
Others1 hour per59,300 yen71,130 yen
for profit
time zoneWeekdaySaturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Morning Afternoon9:00〜12:00177,880 yen213,400 yen
Afternoon Night13:00〜17:00237,280 yen284,750 yen
Night18:00〜21:00266,830 yen320,250 yen
Morning Afternoon・Afternoon Night9:00〜17:00332,200 yen398,620 yen
Afternoon Night・Night13:00〜21:00403,230 yen483,790 yen
Full day9:00〜21:00545,600 yen654,650 yen
Others1 hour per88,950 yen106,750 yen

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